Pulsemeter is an application for quick measurement of the pulsation coefficient of any light sources. The application allows you to measure the ripple in LED, halogen, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, various lamps, LCD and LED monitors and TVs. instructions

Harm ripple!

A high coefficient of pulsation extremely negatively affects the brain, and as a result, causes increased fatigue and poor health. There is tension in the eyes, fatigue, difficulty concentrating on difficult work, headache. Illumination with pulsating light is dangerous if moving and rotating objects in the field of view cause a stroboscopic effect - a visual illusion of immobility or imaginary movement of an object.

Easy to use!

In order to take measurements, you need to bring the phone to the measured source and press the start button. The measurement results will be updated in real time, the arrow will show the ripple factor, and the scale will be filled from green to red indicating the ripple compliance with safety standards. For best results, keep your phone straight. If the phone is not fixed, an image of the shaking device will appear in the lower left corner of the screen and the readings will be very different from the actual ones. The readings are not 100% reliable and the average error depending on the light source and the frequency of pulsation can be more than 10%.

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