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ThermalTransmittanceCalc Thermal Transmittance Calc

This application allows you to help in checking the existing and planning future isolation. Using Thermal Transmittance Calc it is possible to select the necessary materials for the construction of building envelopes, the application will also show the amount of heat loss with the selected materials and the likelihood of condensation.

Pulsmeter Illuminance Pulsation Meter

The application allows you to measure the ripple coefficient of radiation sources in the visible region of the spectrum. Applications will help determine which of the lamps in your home or office have a high pulsation coefficient, as well as help with the choice of a monitor or laptop with a screen without pulsations.

Protractor Angle Meter 360

Easy and user-friendly angle meter. The application allows you to measure angles in pictures, photos or from the camera in real time. With Angle Meter 360 you are able to permanently measure unlimited number of angles. Scaling of the measured object allows more accurate determination of angles. High accuracy of measurement, as well as the ability to change the colors of instruments, allows you to measure angles easily, quickly and very accurately.