Angle Meter 360 is an application for fast and easy measurement of any angles. The application allows you to measure angles on any photos or pictures from the library, or from the camera in real time. Use the camera mode and measure the angles of the surrounding objects or take a picture and be able to measure them at any other convenient time. The library mode allows you to measure angles on any pictures or photos you made earlier, downloaded from the network or sent by someone. Color schema

Without restrictions!

Scaling and moving the image allows you to correctly install the meter, which allows for high accuracy of measuring angles up to 1 second. Add new meters to the object and get data from several angles at the same time, and if any of the meters is no longer needed, just delete it. You can add as many meters to the object as you need to get data about all the measured objects at once. This makes it possible to easily compare the values obtained.

The possibility of inverting allows you to receive data from both external and internal corners, without the need for any calculations. There are no restrictions, get accurate information about the measured angles from the camera in real time or from any image at any time.

Change colors!

Assign colors for each meter separately or set the default color and all new meters will be created with the color schemes you have chosen. Customize color schemes as you like, set the color only for lines, arc and data received individually or for the whole thing! The color wheel will help you choose the color you want, and use the scale to brighten or darken it. Select colors so that the meter is highlighted above the measured object.

As easy as pie

A user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to easily, quickly and easily use the application's capabilities to determine the corners you need at any time and in any place. Simply place the meter on the contour of the measured object and immediately get the measured value.


Angle Meter's capabilities make it an indispensable tool for measuring the right angles on different objects, surfaces and surrounding objects.

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